Inventory of Government-Based Family Justice Services

International Mediation

Northwest Territories

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The Family Mediation program is a voluntary free service (up to 9 hours) that can help parents who are separating or divorcing to agree about family law issues such as: custody and access, child support and spousal support, property division, how they will continue to be good parents, and family support.

Mediation is an alternative to court offering a cooperative approach to solving legal problems, and is available in person or by telephone.

Mediators are neutral. They do not take sides or make decisions and they cannot provide legal advice. Their role is to listen and help people to agree on issues. They also generate options to help resolve disputes. A roster of qualified mediators provide this service under contract with the Department of Justice.

If any issues are resolved during mediation, the mediator will create a Memorandum of Understanding. This document is not legally binding, but it can be used to create a consent court order, or parties may take this document to their lawyers to include in a separation agreement.

Many people find it helpful to attend the free workshop Parenting After Separation before mediation starts.

Not all situations are appropriate for mediation. To find out whether this program is suitable for you, please call 1-866-217-8923 or in Yellowknife 873-7122. All calls are confidential.

International mediation may occur when necessary. The toll free number is only available in Canada.

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Department of Justice, Government of the Northwest Territories

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English, French and translation in Aboriginal languages offered


Free service up to 9 hours

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toll free number: 1-866-217-8923

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