Abuse Is Wrong In Any Culture: for First Nations and Métis people

Family violence can be stopped

Remember that:

  • asking for help is not a sign of weakness—choosing to break cycles of violence and abuse is a sign of strength.
  • feeling alone, ashamed or afraid of talking about what is happening to you are part of being abused.
  • people around you may tell you to stay quiet for the sake of the family, or that abuse is normal in families. They may even tell you that the violence is all your fault. It's not true!

Ending family violence happens one step at a time. Many people have found ways to start leading happier lives for themselves and their children.

This booklet is a starting place. It will answer some of your questions, and let you read the real words of First Nations and Métis women and men who have faced violence and then moved away from it to a better life. Their stories may help you find your own path.

You are not alone!

Hurting is not part of caring!

Your life can be different!

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