PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System
March 2011

Appendix A – Audit Methodology

The audit methodology consisted of:

  • an analysis of the management control framework in place using a risk-based approach related to key elements of the framework;
  • a review of relevant policies at the departmental and central agency levels including, but not limited to, employment equity, harmonized threat and risk assessment, certification and accreditation, workforce administration, and PREA;
  • a review, analysis, and discussion with stakeholders of all documentation pertinent to PeopleSoft including, but not limited to:
    • HR Systems Operations Manual
    • Problem Tracker reports
    • service level agreements
    • data integrity reports
    • creation of accounts
    • job descriptions
    • PeopleSoft process overviews
    • PeopleSoft procedures
  • interviews with approximately 25 management and staff within HRPDD and the regions;
  • a review of a sample of;
    • 10 personnel files
    • 46 user accounts
    • 43 outstanding problems
    • 100 closed problems
  • a review of four service level agreements (SLAs) and contracts between HRPDD, IMB, CGI Footnote 1, Consulting and Audit Canada, and Nakisa.

The audit was undertaken in a manner consistent with the Treasury Board Policy on Internal Audit and related guidelines and procedures, and with generally accepted auditing standards.

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