Tax Law Services Ottawa Section
July 2011

8. Observations – Client satisfaction

8.1 Level of Client Satisfaction with the Services Provided

The Canada Revenue Agency is satisfied with the TLS – Ottawa Section’s level of service.

Client satisfaction levels are a direct result of the quality of service clients receive from a service provider. Open communication, reliability, and positive past experiences are key indicators of high client satisfaction levels.

During our consultation with CRA senior management, we found that TLS – Ottawa Section senior management are in continuous communication with the client regarding current and future workloads. Both TLS – Ottawa Section senior management and CRA client representatives stated that the quality of communications between the two organizations is exceptional with respect to addressing file risk management and legal decisions. We found that TLS – Ottawa Section senior management keep CRA well informed as to the progress of each file, and that any issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. There are regular and ongoing meetings throughout the year between CRA and TLS – Ottawa Section where all pertinent matters are discussed. CRA senior management advised the audit team that court-appointed deadlines are always met and that TLS – Ottawa Section legal counsel are extremely efficient.

We reviewed the Department of Justice Canada Client Feedback Survey – Tax Law Services Portfolio Results 2008. We found that the overall satisfaction level of the CRA was 87%. This performance indicator was supported by comments we received from CRA senior management that indicated that TLS service standards are always met and often exceeded. Although the 2008 client survey was specifically in response to the TLS Portfolio service levels, the feedback included service levels across the Portfolio including the TLS – Ottawa Section. Client management also specified that CRA input is always incorporated as the file progresses through the court process and that all CRA files are addressed with due diligence, dedication, and top-quality care.

We found that the CRA is satisfied with the level of service being provided by the TLS – Ottawa Section.

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