Department of Justice Canada Client Feedback Survey

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The Department of Justice supports the Attorney General as chief law officer of the Crown both in terms of the ongoing operations of government as well as the development of new policies, programs and services for Canadians to support the Government’s priorities. Specifically, the Department provides legal advice to the Government and all federal government departments and agencies, represents the Crown in civil litigation and before administrative tribunals, drafts legislation, and responds to the other legal needs of federal departments and agencies.

The Department provides an integrated suite of common legal advisory, litigation, legislative and regulatory drafting services to government through:

  • a network of 42 departmental legal services units (DLSUs) and 4 departmental regulations sections, which are co-located with client departments and agencies and organized along five portfolios – Aboriginal Affairs; Business and Regulatory Law; Central Agencies; Public Safety, Defence and Immigration; and Tax Law Services;
  • specialized legal capacities within national headquarters, including the Litigation Branch, the Legislative Services Branch, and the Public Law Sector, which are organized into the Justice Portfolio; and
  • a network of regional offices and sub-offices providing local level services to federal departments and agencies in the North, British Columbia, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic provinces.

The Department is committed to providing high quality legal services to support government. As one of a series of ongoing initiatives to support this commitment to service quality, a standardized approach to obtaining client feedback on legal services was implemented in 2006.

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