Department of Justice Canada Client Feedback Survey

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Section 1 - Context for the Survey Initiative

The legal services Client Feedback Survey is intended to help the Department to incorporate client perceptions into decision-making about the delivery of legal services, to identify areas where service improvements may be needed, and to monitor, with clients, progress in meeting client needs and expectations over time.

The Client Feedback Survey is fully aligned with the set of common Service StandardsFootnote 1 identified in all Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between the Department of Justice and client departments and agencies for the provision of legal services. The Survey therefore permits the Department to obtain feedback on performance against those standards and provides senior managers with ongoing and reliable information on client perceptions relative to service commitments identified in MOUs.

Within a broader context, the Client Feedback Survey responds to the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada (TBS) Policy Framework for Service Improvement in the Government of Canada, which holds Deputy Heads accountable for ongoing measurement of service performance as a means of identifying and implementing service improvements. In addition to the Department’s commitment to providing high quality legal services, each year, through the Management Accountability Framework assessment, TBS assesses the extent to which the Department is monitoring and acting upon feedback from its clients.

Finally, the Client Feedback Survey is a key element of the Department’s Performance Measurement Framework which is prescribed by the TBS Policy on Management, Resources and Results Structures. Specifically, the Client Feedback Survey is one source of evidenceFootnote 2 used to demonstrate the Department’s achievements regarding the delivery of high quality legal services to government.Footnote 3

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