Aboriginal Justice Strategy Evaluation, Final Report

APPENDIX C: Case Studies Group Session Methodology

  1. Opening Prayer/Welcome

    Participants will first be welcomed and provided with background information on the case study project by the local AJS staff and the DC/JRI Team Representative. The consent form is reviewed and all participants will first sign it. They will then be introduced to the group session process.

  2. Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool

    The Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Toolwill then be introduced. The room will be pre-set with flyers, paper and pencil crayons, sample stories, the session questions for each person, and digital recorders. The process will be explained. A DVD explaining the tool is played. The session questions are asked and the pre-posted questions are pointed out on the flip chart. The participants begin to document their stories and the facilitator circles the room offering assistance (e.g., writing the story on paper, listening to the story verbally, encouraging others to draw a picture that shows their experience with the program). The questions addressed through the Waawiyeyaa Evaluation Tool are as follows:

    1. Please share with us your story as you remember it, thinking back before your involvement with the program and whether your story started at crisis or as a challenge that eventually brought you to the program. Think about your spirit, emotions, mind and physical body and how they were impacted by your crisis or challenge, and how the program helped you in reaching better balance in your life by addressing the needs of your spirit, emotions, mind and physical body.

    2. If you are a family member, we want you to think about how your life was before your loved one sought help from the program, how were your spirit, emotions, mind and physical body. Then think about how your spirit, emotions, mind and physical body benefitted and changed from your loved ones' involvement (and maybe also by your involvement with the program).

    3. For the program participants, we want you to tell a second story about how the program helped family members of yours, either in them attending the program with you, or as a result of your participation with the program.

  3. Break

  4. Iconic Symbols Group Session

    The group sessions will encourage active participation through a three-stage process.

  5. Making appointments with those who would prefer a one-on-one interview

  6. Closing Remarks

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