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On a aussi demandé aux répondants de fournir une bibliographie. La plupart l’ont fait, mais pas tous. Dans la présente section, on trouve les trois publications les plus récentes, telles qu’elles nous ont été communiquées.

Adjin-Tettey, Elizabeth University of Victoria - Faculty of Law

  • "Failure of State Protection Within the Context of the Convention Refugee Regime with Particular Reference to Gender-Related Persecution,", Journal of International Legal Studies, 1997, 3(1).
  • "Reconsidering the Criteria for Assessing Well-founded of Persecution in Refugee Law," Manitoba Law Journal, 1997, 25(1).
  • Contemporary Approaches to Compensating Female Tort Victims for Incapacity to Work, Forthcoming.

Anand, Sanjeev University of Saskatchewan

  • "Expressions of Racial Hatred and Criminal Law: Proposals for Reform,” Criminal Law Quarterly, 1997.
  • "Beyond Keegstra: The Constitutionality of the Willful Promotion of Hatred Revisited," Canadian Bar Review, 1998.
  • "Commentary on R. v Gladue: The Sentencing of Aboriginal offenders – Continued Confusion, Persisting Problems," Canadian Journal of Criminology, Forthcoming.

Archibald, Bruce P.Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "The Politics of Prosecutorial Discretion: Institutional Structures and Tensions between Punitive and Restorative Paradigms of Justice,” Canadian Criminology Law Review, 1998.
  • "Fault Penalty and proportionality: Connecting Sentencing to Subjective and Objective Standards of Criminal Liability (with Ruminations of Restorative Justice)," Criminal Law Quarterly, 1998.
  • "A Comprehensive Canadian Approach to Restorative Justice: The Prospects for Structuring Fair Alternative Measures in Response to Crime," Forthcoming.

Bailey, Martha Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "Supervised Access: A long term Solution?," Family and Conciliation Courts Review, Forthcoming.
  • "Family Law at the End of the Twentieth Century: The 1997-98 Term," Supreme Court Law Review, Forthcoming.

Baines, Beverly Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • "The Under Representation of Women in the Justice Field" in M-E LeBeuf & J Mclean, (editors), Women in Policing in Canada: Beyond the Year 2000 - Its Challenges, Ottawa: Canadian Police College, 1997.
  • "The Justiciability of Multiculturalism and Minority Rights in Canada," Journal of Law and Politics (Niigata University, Japan), 1999.

Bala, Nicholas Queen’s University - Faculty of Law

  • Young Offenders Law, Toronto: Irwin, 1997.
  • “Tort Remedies and the Family Law Practitioner,” Canadian Family Law Quarterly, 1999.
  • “Child Witnesses in the Canadian Criminal Justice System: Recognizing Their Needs and Capacities,”, Psychology, Public Policy and the Law, Forthcoming.

Barton, Peter G.The University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Law

  • "Why Limitation Periods in the Criminal Code?" Criminal Law Quarterly, 1997. "Sir John Alexander Boyd", Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Vol. XIV, 1998. "Consent by Others to Search Your Place," Criminal Law Quarterly, 1993.

Beatty, David University of Toronto – Faculty of Law

  • "The Canadian Charter of Rights: Lessons and Laments," Modern Law Review, 1997. "Canadian Constitutional Law in a Nutshell," Alberta Law Review, 1998. "Polluting the Law to Protect the Environment," Constitutional Forum, 1998.

Bell, Catherine University of Alberta - Faculty of Law

  • "Alberta Metis Settlement Legislation: An Overview of Ownership and Management of Settlement Lands (Canadian Plains Research Centre: 1994).
  • C. Bell and Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal, "Contemporary Metis Justice: The Settlement Way" (Saskatoon: Native Law Centre, 1999).
  • C. Bell and A. Pellattt, editors.  Gathering out Strengths: Proceedings of a Conference on Violence Against Aboriginal Women, with “Introduction”, by C. Bell. 1999.

Berryman, Jeff University of Windsor - Faculty of Law

  • Some Observations on the Application of Equitable Compensation in Western Australia: Dempster v. Mallina Holdings, London, Ontario: University of Western Ontario, 1995. 
  • Remedies: Cases and Materials (Third Edition). Toronto: Emond Mongomery, 1996.
  • "Equitable Compensation for Breach by Fact-Based Fiduciaries: Tentative Thoughts on Clarifying Remedial Goals," Alberta Law Review, 1999.

Billingsley, Barbara University of Alberta - Faculty of Law

  • "Margetts v. Timmer Estate: The Continuing Development of Canadian Law Relating to Mary Carter Agreement," Alberta Law Review, 1998, (4).
  • "Virani v. Edwards: Ownership Interest and Third Party Auto Claims in Alberta," A case Comment, Forthcoming.
  • "Caught in the Middle: Rethinking the Objectives of Insurance Defence Counsel when Liability Insurance coverage is Called into Question," Forthcoming.

Black, Vaughan Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Crash: The Ontario Court of Appeal Bumps into Tolofson," C.C.L.T. (Second Edition), 1998. "The Uniform Enforcement of Canadian Decrees Act," The Advocates’ Quarterly, 1998. "Annotation to Kirschenbaum-Green v. Surchin," C.C.L.T,. 1999.

Black, William W. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • "Vriend, Rights and Democracy," Constitutional Forum, 1996. "Human Rights Reform in B.C.," University of British Columbia Law Review, 1997. "A New Human Rights Code for B.C.," Human Rights Forum, 1997.

Blaikie, David Dalhousie University - Faculty of Law

  • "Law, Religion and Morality" (Unpublished) with Gordon Worth.

Boyd, Susan B. University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • Challenging the Public/Private Divide: Feminism, Law, and Public Policy, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997.
  • "Lesbian (and Gay) Custody Claims: What Difference does Difference Make?" Canadian Journal of Family Law, 1998.
  • "Family, Law, and Sexuality: Feminist Engagements," Social and Legal Studies, 1999.

Buchanan, Ruth University of British Columbia - Faculty of Law

  • "Gender on the Line: Technology, Restructuring and the Reorganization of Work in the Call Center Industry," Policy Report with Sarah Koch-Schulte, Status of Women Canada, Forthcoming.
  • "Lives on the Line: Low Wage Work in the Tele-Service Economy," Low-Wage Ghetto: Interpretations of Work and Welfare in an Era of Social Retrenchment, Russell Sage, Forthcoming.
  • "1-800 New Brunswick: Economic Development Strategies, Firm Restructuring, and the Local Production of Global Services" Forthcoming in Navigating Globalizations, Edited by Jane Jenson and Boaventura Santos.

Buckwold, Tamara M.University of Saskatchewan – College of Law

  • “Statutory Regulation of Unfair Business Practices in Saskatchewan: Possibilities and Pitfalls, Saskatchewan Law Review, 1999, 62(1).
  • “Post-Bankruptcy Remedies of Secured Creditors: As Good as it Gets,” Canadian Business Law Journal 1999.
  • “Holding the High Ground: The Position of Secured Creditors in Consumer Bankruptcies and Proposals,” Osgoode Hall Law Reform, 1999.
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