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Approval under Sections 32 and 34 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA)

In circumstances where a delegated cost centre manager is unable to sign a signature block with a wet or electronic signature, the Department is allowing them to approve expenses under Sections 32 and 34 of the FAA via email. An email approval will only be accepted from the delegated individual, and only if their signature block is included in the email.

On-Demand Signature Cards

In case of unplanned absences, on-demand signature cards should be in place for each cost centre. Until further notice, the activation of on-demand signature cards will be accepted even if the acting is less than three consecutive business days without a justification. For more information on the regular requirements, refer to the Procedures for Completing the Specimen Signature Card Form.

Any questions should be directed to Accounts Payable Inquiries at

Petty cash

Deadline for Standing Advance Certificate 2020-2021

Standing advance certificates for permanent cash advances must be completed and submitted to Corporate Accounting no later than May 8, 2020. If you are working remotely, you can submit an email containing:

Petty cash expenses

Petty cash expenses for 2019-2020 will be recorded in the new fiscal year (2020-2021). Please submit the petty cash statement with receipt vouchers and upload to the Digital Workspace for processing no later than June 1, 2020.

Parking reimbursement

The current phase of the Department’s Easing Restrictions Plan allows employees to enter the workplace, when needed. Employees are expected to cover any costs incurred for transportation to the workplace and parking. As stipulated in the National Joint Council Travel Directive, transportation and parking costs will be reimbursed when employees are on authorized travel status. An employee who is working remotely but must go into their office for work purposes is not considered to be on travel status.

Employees are encouraged to speak with their manager to discuss any concerns. Managers are expected to use their discretion and judgment when approving parking reimbursements. For any further questions about parking reimbursements, please contact the Department’s travel helpdesk.

Expenditures linked to COVID-19

Expenditures linked to COVID-19 must be coded under Internal Order 502603. See types of expenditures below. Please contact your Financial Management Advisor with any questions.


Care should be taken to avoid double counting, especially where existing employees dedicated to the COVID-19 response have had their positions backfilled.

Operations expenditures, including:

Emailing Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Due to limitations in printing while working remotely, Purchase Requisitions and/or Purchase Orders can be sent by email using the following instructions:

Contracting and Materials Management Division (CMDD)

The CMDDs in the NCR and regional offices are working remotely. If you have contracts that are impacted by the COVID-19 situation, CMDD can amend those contracts. Please forward a signed (wet or electronic signature) purchase requisition to

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