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Message from Bill Kroll, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Deputy Minister, Management Sector

Update # 17: May 15 – New Guidance Coming on Eventual and Gradual Return to Worksites

Dear colleagues,

As you heard last week, we are actively planning our next steps to ensure our readiness for the easing of pandemic-related restrictions at worksites across the country. It will be a gradual, phased-in approach and, even though dates are not yet known, we must continue to plan, and be ready and responsive to employee and manager needs. This is a meticulous process—one that starts at a broad Government of Canada-wide level and focuses down to unique approaches depending on department, region, worksite and employee circumstances.

The Treasury Board Secretariat, with the support of Procurement and Public Services, Health Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada, is leading the wider scope of work by providing ongoing guidance on gradual, safe and sustainable return to more regular operations. For the great majority of Justice employees, the return to worksites will be a very slow process. Information and training will be provided to our managers to help them, and all of us, navigate these new challenges. We will continue to provide updates to all employees so that everyone is aware of the measures to be implemented.

Make your voice heard

Justice Canada’s Departmental Recovery Committee continues to focus on ensuring that our planning efforts are guided by your needs. The Justice Take-The-Pulse Employee Survey is now available online. The survey questions are open-ended, giving you an opportunity to share your experiences, preoccupations and points of view. The survey will be open until May 25. Your voice is important—we are listening.

Other Departmental Updates

Focusing on our mental health: As you heard last week during Mental Health Week, your well-being is paramount in all of our work. The Workplace Branch is currently developing a Mental Health Action Plan for 2020-2023 to guide the department’s work by establishing desired outcomes, identifying gaps that need to be addressed, and selecting priority actions for implementation. To participate in this virtual consultation, please visit the Workplace Branch consultation page and provide your input to by May 22.

Submitting Leave Code 699 in PeopleSoft: With our network ready to handle the demand, you can now begin submitting your ‘Other Paid Leave’ (Leave Code 699) requests in PeopleSoft. We ask you to talk to your manager if you plan to submit Other Paid Leave and refer to the information posted on the COVID-19 employee site to determine which of the five leave sub-types you should enter in the system. If you are unable to enter your leave into the system at this time, you and your manager should manually track it so that it can be entered at a later date or by submitting a paper request.

As we head into the May long weekend, I want to extend a heartfelt thank-you, on behalf of the entire Strategic Emergency Management Committee, for your ongoing work, patience and professionalism. Please take time to recharge and find the positives amidst the uncertainty. And while we have heard it many times before, it bears repeating – follow public health authority direction.  Stay well and stay safe.

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