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Message from Shirley Anne Off, Champion for Indigenous Peoples, and Nancy Othmer, Champion for Employment Equity and Diversity

Indigenous Public Service Awareness Week May 19-22

Dear Justice colleagues,

This year from May 19 - 22, all of us in the federal public service will celebrate Indigenous Public Service Awareness Week. Originating in 1992, the purpose of this Week is to give public servants an opportunity to learn about the vibrant and vital cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Canada. As you know, a key component of our Department's Mandate is Indigenous justice and reconciliation. Together, we need to ensure that we put that into action in our day-to-day work.

To do that, during this Awareness Week and beyond we can build our knowledge about the Crown-Indigenous relationship, and our role in supporting its continued development. We can also learn more about First Nation, Inuit and Métis cultures and traditions and storytelling. That's why we have our Indigenous Learning requirement - and IAW is the perfect time for us to fulfil it.

In previous years, Justice’s Advisory Committee for Indigenous Peoples (A.C.I.P) has hosted many educational events for Justice employees: compelling speakers, educational installations, presentations and performances to help us engage with Indigenous learning in a new way.  With most of us working remotely right now, new resources have been curated for you this year.

It is true that this year, things will be a little different. The ongoing COVID-19 situation has impacted all of Canada, including Indigenous communities, who will experience unique hardships resulting from the present circumstances. In times of crisis, we believe it is more important than ever to put into practice our commitments to fostering the Crown-Indigenous relationship, and to ensure that we are considering the needs of Indigenous peoples in our response.

We all know that we're working in unique times and we are so proud to witness the adaptability of our Department as we adjust to the new requirements of our work. In that spirit, A.C.I.P has done their best to provide you with some fantastic resources to support your Indigenous learning and pointers for how to engage with the material and with your colleagues. We hope you'll take this opportunity to check out our Indigenous Public Service Awareness Week Resources developed to stimulate, inspire, inform and support you in learning everything you can.

Happy Indigenous Public Service Awareness Week

Let’s keep the spirit of learning and sharing alive!

Shirley Anne Off, Champion for Indigenous Peoples
Nancy Othmer, Departmental Champion for Employment Equity and Diversity

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