Organization of the Department of Justice

The Department of Justice is headed by the Deputy Minister, who provides advice and support to the Minister and acts as the main interface between the political and administrative functions of government.

The Department of Justice is a medium-sized department with around 5,000 employees. Roughly one half of departmental staff are lawyers. The other half is made up of a broad range of professionals, including paralegals, social scientists, program managers, communications specialists, administrative services personnel, computer service professionals, and financial officers.

The Department delivers services through a mix of co-located departmental legal services units, specialized branches located within the Department of Justice and a network of six regional offices located across the country.


The organizational structure chart provides an overview of how the Department is organized, and it includes the names of those who occupy key leadership positions.

Organization of the Department of Justice

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Minister and Attorney General of Canada, The Honourable David Lametti, P.C., M.P.

  • Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime, Heidi Illingworth
  • Deputy Minister and Deputy Attorney General of Canada, Nathalie G. Drouin, Ad. E.
    • Associate Deputy Minister, A. François Daigle
    • Chief General Counsel, Robert Frater, Q.C.
    • Chief Results and Delivery Officer, Stephen Mihorean
    • Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive, Anne Patenaude
    • Director General, Communications, Shirley Anne Off
    • SADM, Policy Sector, Laurie-Catherine Wright
    • ADM, Aboriginal Affairs Portfolio, Laurie Sargent
    • ADM, Public Safety, Defence and Immigration Portfolio, Elisabeth Eid
    • ADM, Tax Law Services Portfolio, Shalene Curtis-Micallef
    • ADM, Business and Regulatory Law Portfolio, Andrew Saranchuk
    • ADM, Central Agencies Portfolio, Isabelle T. Jacques
    • ADAG National Litigation Sector, Lynn Lovett
    • ADM, Public Law and Legislative Services, Nancy Othmer
    • ADM and CFO, Management Sector, Bill Kroll
    • Counsel to the Clerk of the Privy Council and Assistant Deputy Minister, Privy Council Office (PCO) Legal Services Sector, Jodie van Dieen
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