Protecting your children

In most cases, it is best for children to maintain a relationship with both parents after a separation or divorce. It is also important for all family members to be safe. Family violence happens when children or adults are abused in a family. The abuse can be physical, sexual, financial or psychological. Neglect can also be a form of family violence.

In section 6 of "Making Plans: a guide to parenting arrangements after separation or divorce, you will find information on making parenting arrangements when there are ongoing safety concerns. See also: Divorce and Family Violence.

You can also find information on how to protect your children and yourself in the Family Violence section of the Department of Justice website.

If the other parent abducts the children

Parental child abduction happens when one parent or a guardian takes or keeps a child without the legal right or the permission of the other parent. The Family Violence section of this website suggests things to do if the other parent abducts your children.