Making the Links in Family Violence Cases: Collaboration among the Family, Child Protection and Criminal Justice Systems

Annex 4: Family violence responses by jurisdiction - Prince Edward Island

Legislative Responses

Family/Domestic Violence Legislation

Victims of Family Violence Act

Remedies available: sub-section 4(3).

Family Law Provisions Related to Family Violence

Family Law Act

Restraining orders: sub-section 45(1).

Child Protection Provisions Related to Family Violence

Child Protection Act

Defines child in need of protection to include “the child has suffered physical or emotional harm caused by being exposed to domestic violence by or towards a parent”; or is at substantial risk of the above, sub-sections 9 (m) and (n).






Guide Book of Policies and Procedures for Conduct of Criminal Prosecutions in Prince Edward Island

Section 14 concerns spousal violence prosecutions.

Child Protection


Provincial Child Sexual Abuse Protocol and joint investigation of child abuse cases (police and child protection).

Service-Based Responses

Victim Services

Victim services is a program of the provincial government (system-based model) that provides assistance to all victims of crime throughout their involvement with the criminal justice system.


Programs for Children Exposed to Family Violence

Catholic Family Services Bureau offers play therapy and programs for children exposed to family violence.

Abusive Partner Programs

The Community and Correctional Services Division delivers the Turning Point Program, a group counselling program for men who are abusive to a partner.

Supervised Access

There are no formal supervised access programs.

Parent & Child Education/Information

Information for students at various age levels re: good touch/bad touch, healthy relationships, etc.

Court-Based Responses

Prince Edward Island does not have a domestic violence court or integrated domestic violence court.

Linking between Civil and Criminal Justice Systems in Domestic Violence Cases

There is a committee in place working on the feasibility of a technological solution to sharing information between the criminal and civil justice systems in cases of family violence involving children.

Tools/Processes to Ensure Safety

Structured Risk Assessment Tools

The use of risk assessment tools is informal – Prince Edward Island has not formally adopted a specific tool.


Screening for Family Violence

Probation officers use the Level of Service Inventory – Revised (LSI-R), and have been trained in STICS (Strategic Training Initiative in Community Supervision). Probation Services has also implemented an actuarial tool for use in family violence cases, to assist in making decisions regarding victim/offender contact.

Coordinating Mechanisms

Information Sharing Protocols

Inter-Agency Protocols

Coordinating Committees

Family Violence Action Plans

Premier Action Committee on Family Violence Prevention has a five year mandate with priorities identified.

New Initiatives (Non-Justice)

Circles of Safety and Support for women experiencing family violence (developed by Justice Options for Women).

Data Collection

Most recent statistics on family violence can be found at