The Voice of the Child in Separation/Divorce Mediation and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes: A Literature Review


There are numerous individuals to thank, not least of which are the many mental health, legal, research and policy experts across the globe who willingly gave their time and shared their thoughtful insights into how children's voices are being heard and could be heard during parental separation and/or divorce. I thank all of you for your contributions and, more importantly, for the work you do on behalf of children during times of parental separation and/or divorce.

I also wish to thank Christine Galea, law student at Osgoode Hall for her research and editorial assistance on this project. This project could not have been possible without the financial support of the Department of Justice Canada. As always, I am indebted to the support and encouragement of Amanda Scott, Senior Research Officer, of the Family, Children and Youth Section, Department of Justice Canada for her assistance throughout.

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