Canada's National Action Plan on Open Government 2022-2024

Open Government at Justice

Open government is about greater openness and transparency, strengthening democracy and citizen participation, and driving innovation and economic opportunities for all.

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2022-24 National Action Plan on Open Government - Justice commitment

In 2012, Canada joined the Open Government Partnership, a global initiative that promotes open government principles and activities around the world. Countries who belong to the Open Government Partnership must complete national action plans explaining how they will support open government. Canada’s 2022-24 National Action Plan on Open Government includes a Justice commitment. The commitment  highlights a series of initiatives aimed at helping people and organizations across the country access the data, information and services they need to identify and effectively resolve their legal problems. These initiatives reflect our commitment to advancing a people-centred approach to justice.

Learn more about the Department’s proposal for this justice commitment by reading the discussion paper published in 2019.

To learn more about Canada’s National Action Plans on Open Government, visit the Open Government Portal or consult the FAQ.

Open Doors at Justice event

May 29, 2024: Please note Open Doors at Justice has been cancelled due to tech issues. A new date will be communicated as soon as possible.

Justice Canada annually hosts an Open Doors at Justice event to engage in dialogue with the public and stakeholders on various topics related to making government more open and accessible. This year’s Open Doors at Justice event, originally scheduled for May 30, 2024, has been postponed. We will update this page with the rescheduled event information when it is available.

The 2024 Open Doors at Justice event will be rescheduled shortly, as it provides an opportunity for us to come together to share the scope of work at Justice. The focus of the event will be on Justice Canada’s commitment to supporting open dialogue and key open government principles of citizen participation, transparency and accountability. The event will also highlight employment opportunities available to those who may wish to join the Department.

Open Government Advisory Group

Justice Canada’s Open Government (OpenGov) Advisory Group is an internal advisory group that provides expert guidance and endorses the Department’s open government initiatives. This internal advisory group reports annually to senior managers within the Department on their activities through a year in review report. Learn more by reading the Open Government at Justice Canada: A Year in Review reports available on the Open Government Portal.

Open Data and Information

Justice Canada supports maximizing the release of non-sensitive data and information. In doing so, we proactively disclose data and information related to our mandate.

Research and data play an important role in the work we do. Justice Canada’s research and data initiatives help support our work in developing policies, programs and legislation by grounding that work in evidence. In the spirit of openness and transparency, the Department makes research reports and other informational products available to the public.

For more information on our research and data initiatives, and to access related products, visit the Justice Research and Data webpage.

Over 300 Justice Canada data and information assets are available on the Open Government Portal. Explore these assets to learn more about our policies and programs, research initiatives, and much more.

Remember that not all legal information is part of Justice Canada’s mandate. The Public Prosecution Service of Canada is a distinct governmental organization. Courts in Canada also function independently and have their own websites. Provincial governments have separate Justice departments too.

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