The child support team

Research Summary

The Survey of Child Support Awards: Preliminary Analysis of Phase 2 Data (October 1998--May 1999) by Lorne D. Bertrand, Joseph P. Hornick and Nicholas M.C. Bala (CSR 2000- 2E/2F)

Purpose of the Study:

The Survey of Child Support Awards was established to monitor how the Federal Child Support Guidelines are being implemented in selected court sites across Canada. This is the second report on the development and implementation of the survey1. This research is part of the comprehensive review of the provisions and operation of the Federal Child Support Guidelines that will be provided to Parliament by May 1, 2002.

Research Approach:

After a year of development and pilot testing, the Survey of Child Support Awards (Phase 2) was launched in autumn 1998. In collaboration with the provinces and territories, information on child support orders and variation orders made under the Divorce Act is collected from at least one court site in each jurisdiction except Nunavut and Quebec.2 The report describes the similarities and differences in provincial and territorial procedures in handling child support under the Divorce Act to help put the data collected in context.

The survey will continue at least until the end of March 2001. Two further updates will be published over the next year.

Main Findings:


The ongoing Survey of Child Support Awards provides an essential source of case-based (empirical) information on how parents and the courts are dealing with child support matters under the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Prepared by:

Dorothy Hepworth
Coordinator, Research Unit
Child Support Team

August 25, 2000