Legal Aid in Canada Annual Reports

A strong legal aid system is one of the pillars supporting Canada’s justice system. Legal aid promotes access to justice for economically disadvantaged persons and helps to ensure that the Canadian justice system is fair, efficient, and accessible.

The Government of Canada supports legal aid services through two sources: the Department of Justice Canada’s Legal Aid Program and Access to Justice Services Agreements. These sources provide contribution funding to support various legal aid matters:

  • criminal in the provinces;
  • criminal and civil in the territories; and,
  • immigration and refugee in participating provinces.

Visit the Legal Aid Program page to learn more.

Since 1983, the federal government has reported on revenues, expenditures, personnel, and caseload statistics associated with the administration and delivery of legal aid in Canada. Justice Canada has led this work since 2016, and reports on these data annually.

Explore the reports to learn more about the administration and delivery of legal aid funding and programs in Canada.

Recent reports

Past reports

There is more legal aid and justice-related research and data to be explored. Check out the Justice Research and Data website for additional reports, and to learn about other important initiatives.

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