Family Justice Services

If you are dealing with separation, divorce, or other family law issues, you're not alone. A wide variety of family justice services can help you get information and resolve issues without going to court.

Provincial and territorial governments provide some of these family justice services. Others are only available from professionals in private practice or in community organizations. Below, you will find key types of provincial and territorial government services that may be helpful to you as well as links to those services in each province and territory.

Family violence

If you or your children are experiencing abuse, you might need additional services to help with your situation.

Many provinces and territories offer family justice services for families experiencing family violence.

There are also many other organizations that offer services to help deal with violence and abuse.

Family violence support services

Find help if you or your children are experiencing abuse.

Information and education services about divorce and separation

Find information about family law, including parenting after separation or divorce.

Services to facilitate out-of-court family dispute resolution

Find help to resolve your family law issues, including family support obligations (child and spousal support) or parenting arrangements outside of the court process.

Services that assist with the court process

Find help to understand the court process. For example, this includes services that help families navigate the court process or that help create legal documents related to separation and divorce, including child and spousal support.

Services to calculate or update child support amounts out-of-court

Find help to determine or update child support amounts quickly outside of the court process.

Services to change existing agreements and orders

Find help to change agreements or court orders on parenting arrangements or family support obligations (child and spousal support).

Services that facilitate compliance and enforcement of family support obligations

Find help to enforce agreements and court orders for child support and spousal support.

Services that facilitate resolution of parenting arrangement issues

Find help to resolve parenting arrangement disputes out of court.

Specialized services for Indigenous peoples

Find information on family justice services that focus on the needs of Indigenous communities.